Beauty by FlutterHabit - Crafting a Fashionable Eyelash Persona -
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Beauty by FlutterHabit – Crafting a Fashionable Eyelash Persona

FlutterHabit offers an easy at-home beauty hack to achieve natural-looking, full and lifted appearance with their luxurious faux mink lash sections cut into segments that can be applied under existing eyelashes for an naturally lifted appearance. Developed by professional makeup artists, their luxe faux mink lashes come with segmented faux mink lash sections for use.

Each box includes six pairs of lash styles ranging from ultra-natural to glamourous. Experiment with different lash segments until you achieve your desired look:

Everyday Looks

Lashes are one of the fastest and simplest ways to instantly elevate your look at an affordable cost. Lifting and opening up the eyes not only accentuates features but also draws more focus to your face. Now with FlutterHabit, this beauty hack can become part of your daily routine for week-long salon-quality results!

FlutterHabit’s luxe faux mink lashes can be applied in small sections under your natural lash line to mimic the appearance of expensive eyelash extensions, while still remaining lightweight and easier to wear than traditional strip lashes. So whether you’re a busy mama looking for some light glam to start her day right off right – FlutterHabit has everything covered!

FlutterHabit lashes offer convenience without harming your natural lashes like traditional false ones would, thanks to being reusable and single use only – eliminating chemicals or adhesives which may damage delicate eyelashes in the process. Simply follow the application tutorials provided on their website for proper application and removal of FlutterHabit lashes.

As per industry recommendations, they advise wearing eyelash extensions for no more than five days in order to protect natural lashes from becoming damaged by too long of wearing them. In case you need to remove them earlier than five days is is important that first soften the glue by massaging with oil (coconut oil on a Q tip works great!) before gently peeling them off from underneath rather than pulling straight out.

FlutterHabit offers six unique lash styles to choose from: The Original is the traditional volume lash most people associate with false eyelashes; The Wink adds dimension and dimension without becoming overly dramatic or vampy; Shorties provide an intermediate option between their Original and The Sweetheart doll-eye lashes featuring mid-length fibers which complement many eye shapes; Sweetheart offers feminine charm while radiating captivating charm, while Kiss adds flirtiness through curled mid-length fibers that creates an eye-catching flirty effect – perfect everyday lashes that offer something special to complete any look!

Special Occasions

FlutterHabit lashes make an impactful statement at special events, be they bachelorette weekends, wedding receptions or beach vacations. Their lightweight DIY extensions offer natural-looking lift while lasting for five days without the hassle and expense associated with salon appointments or at-home lash glue applications – a true beauty hack.

FlutterHabit was established to address Kasey’s need for an easier, quicker, and more effective method of creating professional-quality at-home lash looks that last. She created her own method based on a beauty hack she learned from professional makeup artists: breaking apart strip lashes into individual sections before placing them underneath natural lash lines for an at-home soft-glam look that also created more lid space. FlutterHabit lashes styles are built upon this same process making them the ideal at-home solution for special events or any special events!

FlutterHabit’s Made for This adhesive can handle the challenge of keeping lashes in place during all of your vacation activities without worrying that they’ll fall off during kayak rides or skiing down slopes. Plus, its segments can easily be tailored to fit any eye shape by swapping out or trimming certain ones for a doll-eyed or cat-eyed finish.

And for an easy touch-up, all it takes is some alcohol on a Q tip to remove and reapply FlutterHabit lashes quickly and effortlessly! Our daily wear 3-5 day lifespan FlutterHabits are safe to reuse if properly maintained (softening the glue is an excellent tip!).

Work It

As with anything creative and fashionable, creating a fashionable eyelash style is infinitely customizable. Play around with different lash segments, try different lash styles, and find what fits you best – even trim down segments for a cat-eyed or doll-eyed effect!

Kasey Jackson had one goal in mind when she created FlutterHabit Lashes: to develop an at-home beauty hack that made professional-looking eyelashes more accessible than ever. The solution? Deconstruct strip lashes into individual sections and apply them underneath natural eyelashes instead of on top, giving makeup artists more lid space, hiding bulky lines of the strip lashes and creating an eye look with soft lift and soft volume.

Now anyone can use this time-saving trick and create beautiful, long-lasting at-home lashes that last up to five days! The results are nothing short of breathtaking; follow the application instructions and watch FlutterHabit’s application tutorials online for an effortless lash experience that looks good.

Play It

FlutterHabit was established to encourage self-care and empowerment. Kasey Jackson, the Founder of FlutterHabit, created her company with the purpose of sharing an at-home beauty hack that saves both time and money while producing salon-quality results. Professional makeup artists devised a process of deconstructing strip lashes into segments before applying them under your lash line for a natural, lifted eye look without the bulkiness of traditional lashes – the new process is straightforward yet beautiful results are stunning! You can even play around with placing segments to achieve doll-eyed or cat-eyed effects to suit any occasion or special event! – Find your style today and enjoy exploring all possibilities! – Find your favorite style today and try your favorite look now!

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